me and honda

Raphael, an Elementary School Student in Toulouse, France

Bernard & Raphael FOURNOL France Toulouse

“I always use my Honda Kick ’N Go to get to the neighborhood park. Dad takes me to judo practice and picks me up with his Honda Cub. I love Honda and Japan!” said Rafael, an elementary school student living in Toulouse who loves to rush about on his beloved Kick ‘N Go. His favorite car is the 1976 Civic driven by his father, a Honda collector. “It always smiles at me,” Rafael says affectionately. “We took local roads and drove all the way to Bordeaux in the 1976 Civic. I will never forget that trip. It was so much fun. We also took the Civic to the Circuit d’ Albi and Circuit de Nogaro motorsport race tracks.” A classic car lover, Rafael’s father was captivated by the S800, making him a Honda fan in the process. Does Rafael also like old classic cars? “I really like the sound that the engine makes on the latest Civic Type R,” said Rafael. Hmmmm, I may have misjudged him a bit.